A single family Investment Office


We believe that at present our world is at a turning point. Unprecedented global challenges will only be mastered through advanced technology and a determined shift towards a more sustainable form of capitalism, resource allocation and wealth distribution.


Whenever we invest our capital we partner with entrepreneurs who share our worldview. We only invest our own capital and do not manage any third party money.


We aim to generate outstanding returns through fair and equitable partnerships with company founders, employees as well as other relevant stakeholders.


Our investment philosophy is strictly longterm and based on the belief that backing strong individual entrepreneurs always makes the crucial difference in all our ventures.


Our typical investment size ranges from small first round seed/angel tickets to mid-single million transactions within the Private Equity and Real Estate space.


Our focus rests exclusively on proprietary investments through AB1204 as well as other closely related entities.

Investment Areas

In tune with our strategy and experience we are focusing on specific investment areas only when seeking out new capital deployment opportunities.


Since 2010, we have held more than 40 individual investment positions in predominantly private companies, ranging from seed minorities to controlling majority holdings. In the course of our activities we have executed four IPOs as either lead shareholder or company founder / executive. Realized cash IRR since inception would put AB1204 into the highest decile within the Prequin definition ranges.

In addition, we are actively managing and investing in separate public markets and real estate portfolios.


We do not seek out unsolicited investment proposals or advisory from unrelated parties.